The core purpose of this program is to identify laboratories proficient in performing ELISA testing of milk samples. This program will consist of a monthly set of 'Samples Unknown' that will be distributed to participating laboratories for analysis and data submision.

This program is designed to:

  • Promote standardization among laboratories conducting ELISA tests on milk samples
  • Identify laboratories proficient in various milk ELISA tests, providing a level of assurance to dairy producers and allied industry partners

This program is open to any laboratory conducting ELISA test on milk samples. There are no limitations on the following:

  • Test kit manufacturer
  • ELISA test run by an individual laboratory
  • Participation in other certification programs offered by QCS and/or other entities

How the program works:

On the Monday of the second full week of the month, the ELISA Proficiency Unknowns Supplier will send out a set of 20 samples (MAP PT) or 12 samples (PAG PT) to each participating lab. The samples should provide enough volume to allow three technicians to conduct the assay(s).

By midnight (Eastern Time Zone) of the last business day of the month, each laboratory must analyze the samples (along with positive and negative controls) and subsequently submit the results online to the ELISA Proficiency web site. After the data entry deadline is passed, QCS will analyze the raw data and prepare test results in a timely fashion.

Once the analysis is complete, each participating laboratory will be notified that they are able to retrieve a certification report for their respective laboratory's performance.

Laboratories meeting performance criteria will be published in a list of proficient labs on the QCS website.

ELISA PT Program - Participant Web Site

ELISA Proficiency Guidelines