On a monthly basis, DHI laboratories are required to participate in the QCS Samples Unknown program to verify the accuracy of their instruments.

The timetable of the monthly samples unknown program is such that:

  • On Monday of the second full week of each month, the samples unknown supplier sends duplicate sets of 12 samples to each of the participating DHI component laboratories.
  • By midnight EST on the Friday of the same week, each laboratory is required to analyze the 24 samples and submit the results to the QCS samples unknown web site. Laboratories submitting data after the deadline may be subject to fees or changes in certification status.
  • On Monday of the third full week of each month, the QCS laboratory auditor downloads the raw data from the web site and analyzes the results submitted. Once the analysis is complete, monthly certification and comparison reports are emailed to each participating laboratory.

2017 Samples Unknown Schedule - Released September 12, 2016

The link below is to the QCS samples unknown web site where the monthly results data is entered and the certification reports are generated. It should only be accessed by laboratories participating in the program and will not provide useful information to other parties.