The Laboratory Advisory Committee (LAC) is comprised of laboratory owners, managers and/or personnel. The LAC meets as necessary with meetings open to all laboratories participating in the QCS program.

Representation on the LAC is independent of a participating laboratory's size or service area. Each participating laboratory receives one vote when considering recommendations for revisions or additions to the auditing guidelines. The responsibilities of the LAC are to review the standards and auditing procedures outlined in the Auditing Procedures for Laboratories, making recommendations for revisions to the Audit Review Committee (ARC).

For more information on the LAC, please contact Steven Sievert (National DHIA Technical Services Director & QCS Manager) or John Rhoads Eastern Laboratory Services (LAC Chair).

Minutes and Presentations from the 2019 LAC Meeting
2019 LAC Agenda
2019 LAC Minutes
QCS Laboratory Program Report - Steven Sievert
Laboratory Audits - What to Expect - Paul Sauve
Proposed Changes to Auditing Procedures for Laboratories (APPROVED)
ICAR Milk Sensor Overview and Update - Steven Sievert
Bentley Update - Henrik Lyder
FOSS Update - Roman Kwasiborski
Milk Fatty Acid Analysis - Daniel Schwarz
New Opportunities to Increase the Value of Milk Analysis - Daniel Schwarz
What's New of the Horizon: CentralStar PCR Diagnostics - Kelly Sporer
Texas DHIA History and Overview - Beth Clayton
Minutes and Presentations from Previous LAC Meetings

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